Ideas to Advance the Deals you Want to Close Today

Microsoft, Burlington
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 (8:00 AM - 10:45 AM)
Event Details

Join us to network, learn and share ideas with sales and sales enablement rockstars that are willing to share their experiences and techniques. This time away from the office will provide you with ideas and information that you can take back to the office to help close the deals you are working on now.  

We start the morning with a presentation from our keynote speaker, Jim Pouliopoulos who created the first (and still only) Professional Sales bachelor’s degree program in the Northeast at Bentley University. He’ll share highlights of the curriculum used to prepare college graduates for sales careers and offer insights into best practices for hiring and onboarding new sales hires. 

A panel discussion will follow with four of our top sales leaders who will share keys to onboarding, training, using the right tools, closing the deal faster and the best ways to incentivize and motivate.  Next, our panelists will each facilitate a 30 minute discuss on one of the topics below.  You choose which two you'd like to dive into and walk away with tricks and tips to take back to your office. 

  • Minimizing time to productivity of new hires
  • Compensation and incentives that motivate
  • Tools, technologies and techniques - what’s working and what’s not
  • Deal acceleration with top executives, how to get referred up 

Speakers include:

  • Julia Abramovich, VP of Sales, IBM
  • Matt Johnson, Director, Financial Services Sales, QStream
  • Liz McCormick, Director, Sales Effectiveness & Enablement, Pegasystems
  • Jim Pouliopoulos, Founding Director, Professional Sales Program, Bentley University
  • Jim Speredelozzi, VP of Inside Sales, BlackDuck Software

Registered Guests (18)

Mackenzie Flynn
Christine Nolan
Dave Hall
Mark Rodman
Michael Currie
Ron Evans
Colin Martin
Gray Lincoln
LB Wales IV
Melissa O'Dowd
Julia Abramovich
Matt Johnson
Jim Pouliopoulos
Jim Speredelozzi
Liz McCormick
Rick Caruth
Christine McIntyre
Jill Guardia
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